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Tyian's Story

As a little boy Tyian learned that nothing in life is fair.

He also learned that there is a difference between good fortune & good luck.

We all start with something, it’s what we do with what we have that determines who we are.

First you must find out what you love to do, then just do it!

Tyain is an artist who wants to exceed his potential.


Tyian has a big voice! Tyian ’s Mother remembers well...

Young Tyian & Ricky were playing at the bottom of the road.

Ricky started to call Timmy, who was playing more than a half mile away at the top of the road.

Timmy, Timmy, shouted Ricky at the top of his voice. No response.

One call from Tyian and Timmy was standing at attention!


Tyian’s schoolteacher remembers…

Tyian was drowning out the entire school choir during the singing of the National Anthem.

I told him if he could only learn sing in tune, he would do something great with that voice of his.

Tyian’s Father maintained that his Son ought to get a job at the harbor, as a foghorn.

Tyian took his teachers advice, and learned to sing in tune.

As a Man, Tyian loves to perform in front of a live audience.

I feel good if I can make others feel good he says.


Tyian's voice (Verdi Baritone), singing style, and delivery are totally unique.

His new album “Grab It ” will take you on an emotional journey that will turn you on,

and turn you inside out.

Tyian is the quintessential perfectionist, when great is not even close.

Anyone who buys "Grab It " will get much more than they expected.

This omnipotent CD, includes brand new original material written by Tyian,

along with some totally new from the ground up arrangements to tunes you already know & love.


Pure entertainment, from the new...

"King of Song"



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